What Our Customers are Saying

In our busy repair environment it is very easy to become distracted and miss items that should be added in an estimate. I find EstimateScrubber very helpful in reminding me of operations that should be added to my estimate.

Using scrubber is like having a second person reviewing the estimates.

The new Scrubber v2.0 actually makes educated suggestions to help in creating a complete estimate. We now scrub almost every estimate we write.

Premier Auto Body & Frame
Santa Clarita, California
Frank J Pinto

Estimate Scrubber is a no/low-cost estimating tool

  • Estimate Scrubber v2.0 provides:
  • SCRS Complete Repair Planning Guide Scrub Estimate Scrubber  &   Estimate Scrubber
  • Identifies missed core charges, blank labor hours/prices, manually entered INC * and more ....
  • Your use constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Use
  • Free and subscription options available

To Scrub an Estimate

1. Print a PDF Audatex, CCC or Mitchell estimate.
(Only complete estimates will scrub)
2. Save the estimate to a file.
3. Click the Browse Button below.

4. Then click Scrub Estimate.

5. OR Just Click the Demo Button.

For more information please contact askBob@VehicleOwnersGuide.com.

The FREE SCRS Complete Repair Planning Guide Scrubbing is provided as a service to the industry by the Society of Collision Repair Specialists and VehicleOwnersGuide.com. We are proud to serve the Collision industry. We’re investing our many years’ experience toward creating the most efficient, reliable, and easy-to-use software to assist in reviewing collision estimates.

We do not sell your information.

Beta ending. You can now scrub, along with the SCRS not-included operations, your estimates against 30 powerful repair rules created exclusively for the collision repair industry.

Register for free 30 day unrestricted use. Set up profiles and/or scrub against our set of 30 repair rules. After 30 days you can subscribe to continue unlimited access or continue to scrub estimates against 10 repair rules using the freemium scrubber module.

Free / Subscription Options

Register for 30 days free unlimited use.       

You don't need to purchase a subscription to EstimateScrubber v2.0 to get powerful estimate review results (Such as a cloud based, easy to learn and use scrubber that at looks for commonly overlooked estimating entries, part and labor classifications, SCRS Complete Repair Planning review, repaired/used panels, second color setup, remanufactured parts, etc.) not found in any other product. When you register (no credit card required) you can use the full scrubber program for 30 days. After the 30 day trial you can purchase a subscription for uninterrupted full use or revert to the limited access free version.

Best of all EstimateScrubber v2.0 can review anything printed on a Audatex, CCC and Mitchell estimate. This includes selected message codes, checking for zero or blank parts and labor amounts, discontinued parts or repairing advanced substrates. Estimate Scrubber is low cost compared to the other estimate auditing programs you are probably paying a hundred dollars +/- a month for.

You can upgrade from the free option to create unlimited review profiles and remove scrubbing limitations.

  Scrubbing Module Freemium 30 Day Trial / Subscription
Works with Audatex Estimate PDF File
Works with CCC One PDF File
Works with Mitchell PDF File
SCRS Complete Repair Planning Guide Scrubbing
Review Profiles
Repair Checks 10 30
Administrative Checks
Rates, Materials, Thresholds, Taxes & Discounts
Required Repair Operation On Estimate
More Miscellaneous Repair Operation Checks
Required Estimate Text
Used/Salvage/Remanufactured/Aftermarket Parts Usage
Data Pump
Price $25 USD a Month per location
    Consumer Estimate Module Freemium 30 Day Trial / Subscription
CCC One/Audatex/Mitchell to Consumer Friendly Graphics/ Explainations
Print Consumer Estimate
Send HTML Email with Custom Message (Q4-2015)
Create Single Packet with Estimate (Q4-2015
American English
Spanish/French/British English (Q4-2015)
Price Additional $25 USD a Month per location
Scrubber Apps Freemium 30 Day Trial / Subscription
Norton/Saint-Gobain Invoicing App
(create materials invoice for corrosion protection, seam sealers, foams, accessories, plastic/bumper/metal repairs)


About EstimateScrubber.com. We are completely independent from any insurers, information providers or other outside influences. Our goal is to provide outstanding free and low cost services to the collision repair industry and vehicle owners. We do not share or sell any estimates or shop information to any third party. Scrubber offers the ability to check your estimates against a preset group of items and rules to allow you the opportunity to make additions, deletions and changes before you submit it to your customers for approval. It also can offer a form of consistency between shop estimators making sure the same entries appear on all estimates

Estimate Providers. Currently the scrubber works with Audatex, CCC and Mitchell estimates.

Estimates from Other Sources. You can scrub estimates from other shops or insurers as long as they are provided in a text PDF format. When doing this your shops automatic login will not work. This means you will have to manually log in to scrub the estimate.

Multiple Profiles. You may create multiple profiles for different customer types. Cloning profiles allows you to copy an existing profile and make changes thus eliminating the task of completely setting up each profile. Each profile has to have a unique name. There is a freehand text area at the beginning of each profile allowing you the add comments and/or rules about the customer. You may then scrub your estimates against different profiles looking for different things.

Scanned, Faxed or Copied Estimates. Scanned Faxed or Copied estimates will not scrub. The estimate has to be an original PDF copy. If you can get an estimate emailed to you as a PDF attachment it should scrub without any issues.

How Scrubber Works. Scrubber does not use data pumps, EMS or BMS files. It is completely cloud based. The scrubber reads the estimates text captured in the PDF file. Scrubber, using artificial neural networks (ANNs), can be trained to look for anything in the estimate copy. It is a statistical process we train, be it a line number, paint time, labor time, part number, line description, second line text, *, **, <>, #, INC*# or anything else. We program the ANNs to read and understand the lines and classify them. For a typical 50 line estimate we may need to perform thousands of pattern matches. When we are done then we apply the review logic. Since this is a statistical process it may not be 100% accurate. Occasionally you may run across a scrubbed estimate with an issue.

PDF Documents. There are two types of PDF files, Text and Graphic. Estimate scrubber needs estimates printed in a PDF text format. Any PDF program will work as long as it converts to a PDF text file. We recommend using PrimoPDF (www.primopdf.com) a free PDF text convertor. If you are having problems scrubbing an estimate (shows no output) check the PDF converter. Open an estimate up and try to highlight the text. When clicking the left mouse button and scrolling down you cannot see the text highlighted it is a graphic file. A graphic PDF file will show a box to cut and paste. If you can't highlight the PDF’s text Scrubber can't read it. Do not use the PDF printers supplied by the information suppliers as they may resize the estimate copy which will not properly scrub the file.

Scrub Complete Estimates. You must print the entire estimate as a PDF file. If you try printing a partial estimate to a PDF the scrubber may not work. When you print as a PDF file you are not using paper. It is more work the convert a partial estimate to PDF so print the estimate as a PDF file.

Scrubbing the Same Estimate Multiple Times. You can scrub an estimate as many times as you want. If necessary you can make return to the estimate, make changes, reprint it as PDF and rescrub. You can do this as many times as necessary.

Manual Entries. The number of different ways you can enter the information on a manual line is infinite. Scrubber cannot be programmed to understand all these combinations. Our recommendation is to enter manual entries using verbiage as close to the text used by the information providers.

Rule Explanations
Rule Looks For Explanation Verbiage in Scrub
Aim, sensors (park, backup, proximity & camera) Identifies lamps and/or sensors that could require specific aiming procedures Sensors are found on line/s xx. Do the sensors need to be aimed following OEM procedures?
A/C Evacuate & Recharge Flags estimates without a matching R134, R12 or Freon entry A/C Evacuate & Recharge was found on line/s xx. Refrigerant was not found in the estimate. Should you add refrigerant or recover refrigerant?
Advanced Substrates, repair Flags advanced substrates that are being repaired Repairing an advanced substrate was found on line/s xx. Verify they can be properly repaired and not replaced
Air Bag, deployment clean up Identifies airbag deployment that could necessitate residue cleanup Do you need to add to clean up residue? Most air bag bolts are one time use. Should new bolts be added to estimate? Have you performed a SRS post collision repair zero point calibration?
Asterisks, overridden refinish and/or blend allowances Identifies Audatex and Mitchell Refinish/Blend allowances that have been user modified Modified refinish and or blend line/s appear on line/s xx.
Battery, disconnect Identifies R&R and R&I of batteries which could require resetting/reprograming electronics R&I or R&R battery is found on line XX. Should you allow time to reset the electronics?
Block Sand, repaired outer panels Identifies major exterior repaired panels which could need feather, fill & block sanding Outer Panel/s were repaired in line/s xx. Do you need to add block, feather & fill to the panel/s
Bumper, refinished on vehicle (CCC only) Flags CCC estimates with bumpers refinished on vehicle (first panel for overlap purposes) Bumper refinished on vehicle found on line XX. The bumper is considered the first panel for overlap purposes and is painted in one operation with the vehicle.
Corrosion Protection, restore Flags selected R&R & repaired panels asks if restore corrosion protection has been considered Bumper refinished on vehicle found on line XX. The bumper is considered the first panel for overlap purposes and is painted in one operation with the vehicle.
Decals, Overlays, Stripe Tape Flags and notifies estimator that Decals, Stripe Tape, Overlays only have replace allowances Decals, Overlays and Stripe Tape are found on lines xx. The labor allowance refers to install time only. Consider adhesive removal time on repaired panels.
Discontinued Parts Flags discontinued parts and notifies estimator that price is last available price from OEM OEM discontinued part/s are found on line/s xx. The price is the last available price from the OEM. Call dealer for the replacement part number and price.
Estimate Line Modified (CCC only) Flags CCC estimates lines that have been modified by the estimator. Estimate line/s xx has been modified. The part type, part number, price, labor or labor type has been changed by estimator.
Fuel Tank/Fuel Pump Module, R&I/R&R Identifies R&I/R&R fuel tank and pump. Asks if drain & refill tank should be considered Fuel Tank/Pump Module R&I/ R&R found on line/s xx. Do you want to include time to drain and refill the tank?
Glass, Urethane Set Flags R&R and R&I glass without a corresponding adhesive sealant kit Glass R&I or R&R was found on lines XX. Urethane adhesive was not found on estimate. Do you need to add urethane adhesive?
Labels Flags R&R and repaired panels that may need to have labels replaced Repaired and/or replaced parts appear on line/s XX. Do you need to replace labels?
Labor Hours, blank or zero Flags R&R and repaired panels that may need to have labels replaced There was a zero or no labor found in line/s XX
Labor Notes - Message Codes Flags selected Audatex message codes and Mitchell estimate lines with # after labor A labor note or message code applies to R&I/R&R/Overhaul line/s xx. Have you read the estimating system notes that apply?
Mechanical Operations Paid as Body (CCC / Mitchell only) Flags CCC estimates with a m without a corresponding M Mechanical operation/s on line/s paid at body rate. Should these lines be paid at mechanical rate?
Open Item (CCC Only) Flags CCC estimate lines that carry Open instead of a line number Line/s xx are designated as open items for two reasons. 1. Most commonly the part/s have been discontinued by the OEM. Call a dealer to confirm. 2. The item has been recorded on the estimate by the estimator as possibly damaged.
Part Number, Call Dealer Flags parts that need to be priced by dealer A call dealer note or message code appears on line/s xx. Contact the dealer for correct part number and pricing information.
Part Price/Labor Allowance, Manually Entered Inc* Identifies Audatex and Mitchell lines that have been included by the estimator User enter INC* appears on line/s xx. Should the manually overridden price or labor be included?
Parts Price/Sublet Amount, blank or zero Flags R&R & Sublet lines with blank or zero parts amounts Parts were replaced or sublet in line/s xx with no amount charged
R&I Emblems, Mouldings, Nameplate, clean & retape Flags R&I of Emblems, Mouldings, Nameplate that may need clean & retape entry added R&I of mouldings, emblems and nameplates are found on line/s xx. Do you need to allow for clean and retape?
Refinish Check, part number, ending in PTM, ZZ & bumper reinforcements/impact bars Flags part numbers ending in PTM or ZZ without corresponding refinish allowances OEM parts ending in PTM, ZZ and bumper impact bare without corresponding refinishes appear on line/s XX. Do they need refinishing?
Refinish Setup, Underside, Second Color & Two Tone Identifies selected panels that could require different paint formulations or two tone Two Tone, Underside/s and/or specific inner panel/s refinish in line/s xx . Is the color a different formula you may want to add a additional setup, tint and material.
Refinish, undersides of selected panels Identifies selected panels that may need the undersides refinished when replaced Replace and/or repair of panel/s in line/s XX. The operation may not include refinishing the inside or underside
Remanufactured Parts, core charges Identifies and flags remanufactured parts and asks if core charges have been considered Remanufactured part/s are found on line/s xx. The part price does not include core charges. Do you need to add for core charges?
Unibody/Frame, setup, pull Flags frame/unibody repairs that could necessitate repairing clamp damage Frame/Unibody repair is found on line/s XX. Is repair & refinish clamp damage necessary?
Used Part, preparation Flags LKQ/Used parts and asks if they require any additional body or refinish operations Used parts are found on line/s xx. Do these parts need additional time for detrimming. Has the part been cleaned and prepared for installation? Refinish allowances are for OEM new parts. Has the surface been brought to OEM new for refinish purposes?
Weld damage, blend/repair selected panels Flags selected welded exterior panels and asks if adjacent panel need to be repaired and/or blended Welded panel/s in line/s xx. Do you need to repair and/or blend the adjacent panels? Add weld through primer? Add bonding kit or materials?

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About Us

Web Based Solutions for Collision Repairers

VehicleOwnersGuide.com was founded in 2009 in San Diego, California by industry professionals. It is a portal where owners can receive a free guide to the repairs done to their vehicles. The portal provides consumer friendly information leading to more satisfied owners.

Vehicle information is obtained by providing Software as a Service (SAAS) repair scrubbing and claims management to repairers and insurers.

EstimateScrubber.com is a cloud based system where repairers can scrub estimates and create personalized Consumer Estimates for vehicle owners. Over 20,000 unique repairers have visited the scrubber. The site uses the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) Complete Repair Planning Guide and provides the scrubbing results in English and Spanish.

OpenClaimsGateway.com is a cloud based full feature claims management system. The system contains unique features such as adjuster assignment transfers, estimate translations, review of printed estimates, plus standard features such as assignment, work-flow management, and KPI. It also has the ability to seamlessly work with any in or out of network repairer in seconds.

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Let us know what you think about the Scrubber, tell us what you think is good or bad and what else you would like to see in the new EstimateScrubber v2.0.

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Why consider sponsoring Scrubber v2.0.
  • There is nothing else like it on the market, paid or free
  • Freemium/Subscription Options
  • Its used in training classes by major refinish companies
  • It draws 10-12 thousand unique visitors a year
  • Version 1.0 was developed in conjunction with the SCRS Complete Repair Planning Guide.
  • v2.0 goes far beyond 1.0, is a major enhancement, a year in development.
  • v2.0 can be personalized by repairers
  • v2.0 places vendor specific information in front of scrubber users where it is most valuable - When scrubbing an estimate
  • v2.0 is a repairer tool, not compliance auditor, that is able to read the pritned estimate, its the only tool that can do that for all 3 estimating platforms
  • v2.0 is a compliment to estimating systems, providing userful estimator information, prompting and estimate review

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We have complied several CCC One, Mitchell And Audatex demonstration estimates that shows the power of the scrubber repair rules. Select any of the links below to view the scrubbing results using the demo estimate.

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