what services we provide

We sell cloud based software as a service (SAAS) subscriptions to the Collision industry. We have invested our many years’ experience toward creating the most efficient, reliable, and easy-to-use software to assist in reviewing collision estimates and increasing estimating productivity. Use our paid subscription service or give it a quick try using our Free Estimating Tools.

Estimate Scrubbing / A.I. Estimator Support

You don't need to purchase a subscription to EstimateScrubber to get powerful estimate review results (Such as a cloud based, easy to learn and use scrubber that at looks for commonly overlooked estimating entries, part and labor classifications, SCRS Complete Repair Planning review, ASA New Replacement Parts Guidelines, repaired/used panels, second color setup, remanufactured parts, etc.) not found in any other product. When you register (no credit card required) you can use the full scrubber program for 10 days. After the 10 day trial you can purchase a subscription for uninterrupted full use or revert to the limited access free version.

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Non-Included Times Guidance

An exciting implementation of artificial intelligence, Dynamic Scrubbing brings the knowledge of thousands of estimators at your fingertips. It bridges the gap between simply identifying missing items by giving guidance on what others are writing. DS uses machine learning to reviews tens of thousands of estimates/millions of line items to forecasts total estimate non-included labor hours as well as times for individual non-included items.

P-Pages Made Easy

PPME is an AI based front-end to assist estimators find P-Pages. An estimator simply selects vehicle sections to get a list of P-Page links related to the sections. Click a link and navigate directly to the providers web-site. Great for novice estimators.

Collision Chain of Custody

CCoC™ offers repairers two easy ways to help protect their shops against litigation by recording and digitally managing their repair documentation. Subscribers can create a digital evidence bag containing important repair information, documentation and/or photos, lock the packet with a digital fingerprint and download to their shop at no extra charge. Repairers can opt to store their digital evidence bags in our digital evidence vault for a small monthly charge.

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Private Label Program

Associations and other organizations can provide a personaized estimate review portal to their members. We create a personalized landing page for your organization. Access our existing repair rules and/or deploy custom reporting, review or other functions your members need.

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Estimating Productivity Tools

Subscribers have access to estimating productivity tools such as a scheduling assistant, OEM position statements, consumer estimate and more.

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We are always listening to our users (subscribers and freemium) to find the next items they need. Keep an eye on us to continually bring new capabilities.

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